Claire Baits

Claire Baits is an Accredited Play Therapist on the Register of Creative Arts Therapist (PTUK) which is accredited by the Professional Standards Agency (PSA). Claire has worked as a play therapist with Women’s Aid, Barnardos within a CAMHS team, local authority and in private practice since 2014. Also trained in Filial Therapy Claire supports families creating stronger relationships. Claire has a background supporting children, young people and families spanning 28 years in a variety of roles in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Her journey has taken her to Cyprus and Zimbabwe, spending 16 years overseas. Claire’s experience of living separated from her family and children introduced her to the world of therapy, self-reflection, health, and wellbeing. Returning to the UK working with children and family’s resident in a refuge she began to ask questions about the impact of their experiences and how to support their emotional and wellbeing needs. This led to her undertaking further qualifications in play therapy.
Today she uses creative arts and play therapy to support children that have experienced events in their lives that impact on their emotional wellbeing.


''​Spending 16 years overseas in Cyprus and Zimbabwe has developed a deep understanding of cultures teaching me respect for values and beliefs that are different to my own."  Claire Baits, 2019  

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